The Mayor of Reghin Municipality is the chief of the Local Public Administration and of the Specialty Personal Appliance of the Reghin Municipality' s Local Council and he is responsible for the well performance of those.


The Mayor of Reghin Municipality has the following attributions:


  1. Ensures the management and the co- ordination of the whole activity of Reghin Municipality Town Hall;
  2. Ensures, through the Town Hall Services, the establishment of the yearly local budget of incomes and expenditures of the auto financed activities and submit them to the Local Council for its approval;
  3. Ensures the achievement of the Local Council's decisions;
  4. Initiates decision drafts and submits them to the Local Council for debate, according to its competences;
  5. Ensures the public order and the tranquility of the inhabitants, through Public Guards and with the help of Gendarmes, of Police, of Firemen and of Civil Protection which have the obligation to answer to his requirement in the law's conditions;
  6. Ensures and is responsible for the budgetary execution for all the activities and actions financed from local budget, as well as for activities total or partially financed from extra budgetary sources;
  7. Ensures, through Economic Department, the pursuance, the cashing of fees, of local taxes, of special taxes and of other incomes of the local budget and is responsible for spending the allocated amounts according to budgetary provisions;
  8. Ensures and is responsible, within the limits of budgetary provisions, for the achievement of public investments and works;
  9. Answers and presents the yearly execution account to the Local Council for its approval;
  10. Issues licenses based on Law no. 300/ 200, the certificates and function licenses for the execution of some commercial activities or service activities;
  11. Orders the cancellation of the constructions built on public domain without building license.
  12. Takes measures of banning or suspension of shows, performances or other public manifestations which run counter to law or violate the well manners, or run counter to public order and tranquility;
  13. Ensures, through Technical Service, the issuing of Urbanism Certificates and of constructions licenses according to the approved urbanism documentations, with respecting the stipulations of General Town Planning Project, of Detailed Town Planning Project;
  14. Ensures and is responsible for yearly assessment of good, for the management and capitalization, according to law, of Reghin Municipality' s goods, after case;
  15. Represents Reghin Municipality into juridical reports with other natural persons and corporate bodies within the country or abroad;
  16. Ensures the respecting of the fundamental rights and liberties of citizens, of Constitution's stipulations and country's laws, of Romania President's decrees, of Government's decisions, of documents issued by Ministries and by other authorities of Central Public Administration, of County Council's decisions;
  17. Ensures the realization of an elaborated strategy within the area of automatic data processing of Town Hall's activities;
  18. In the position of chief of the Municipal Inspectorate of Civil Protection and into the exercise of his rights and obligations, ensures the measures for prevention and limitation of consequences of calamities, catastrophes, fires, floods, epidemics, epizooties, together with the Specialty Bodies of the state, as well as a result of the institution of necessity or urgency situation, after case; in achieving this purpose he may mobilize the population, the middlemen and Public Institutions within the Municipality, which are forced to perform the established measures;
  19. Is the President of Municipal Commission for establishing the private property right over the grounds from Reghin, in this position he ensures and is responsible for the application of Law no. 18/ 1991, republished, regarding the Landed Fund and of Law no. 1/2000.
  20. Ensures and is responsible for the application of stipulations mentioned in Law no. 10/2001 regarding the juridical regime of the buildings which were took over abusively in the period 6th of March 1945- 22nd of December 1989;
  21. Ensures, through Forestry, the management, the guard and administration of the forests from the Public Property of Reghin Municipality;
  22. Ensures, as a representative of the state, through Registrar Compartment, the duty of Registrar, and through the Local Public Administration Office, the attributions regarding the organization and unfolding of the election;
  23. Proposes and ensures, through referendum, the consultation of the population as concerns local problems of special interest;
  24. Based on Local Council's decision takes measures for the organization of this consultation, according to law;
  25. Presents, periodical or at Local Council's request, reports regarding the fulfillment of the decisions adopted by the Local Council;
  26. Presents to the Local Council, yearly or as many times is necessary, reports regarding the economical- social situation of Reghin Municipality, based on data provided by the Town Hall's Services, as well as by Public Institutions from Municipality's area and by the Ministries' decentralized bodies in territory;
  27. Proposes to the Local Council, from his own initiative or from the initiative of other natural persons or corporate bodies, the granting of the title “Citizen of Honor” of Reghin Municipality according to the stipulation from Reghin Municipality's Statute , approved by the Local Council;
  28. Appoints and releases from function the staff within the Public Services and within the Personal Appliance of the Local Council of Reghin Municipality and establishes the salary rights of this, according to law, based on the documentations drown up by the Specialty Office;
  29. Ensures the elaboration of Local Regulation of Urbanism and the elaboration of Urbanism and territorial arrangement documentations and submit them towards Local Council' approval, according to law;
  30. Exerts the function of main sequencer of credits, according to Law of Public Finance;
  31. Checks the activity of Public Servants and of contractual personnel within Reghin Municipality's Town Hall and its Services, in this way applying to those who are committing misbehaviors, after case, the sanctions stipulated by law, by Public Servants' Statute and by Regulation of Internal Order of Reghin Municipality's Town Hall, based on the proposals of Services' chiefs and on the documentations drown up by these, as well as at the proposal of Disciplinary Commissions which have been constituted with a view to investigate the misbehaviors of the Public Servants;
  32. Establishes, within the limits of the approved salary fund and at the proposal of Services' chiefs, the Public Servants who will benefit by prizes and other incentives;
  33. Approves the Job Record for Public Servants and for contractual personnel within the Services;
  34. Approves the Evaluation Record of individual professional performances and the salary of Public Servants from the Personal Appliance and of contractual personnel from Town Hall's Services;