According to Mayor's disposal regarding the competences and the administrative chart, the Vice Mayor co- ordinates:


  1. Compartment of “Environmental Protection”
  2. “IT” Compartment
  3. Compartment of “Financial and Pre- Accession Programs”
  4. Compartment of “Civil Protection”
  5. Department of “Roads and bridges”
  6. Department of “Green Areas”
  7. Markets Management
  8. Activities of Public Guards


and fulfills the following attributions:


  1. takes the necessary measures for ensuring the order and discipline within the Services from his suborder;
  2. takes part at the Local Council and its Specialty Commissions' meetings;
  3. ensures the fulfillment of Local Council's decisions, checks the activity of the staff from his suborder;
  4. exerts the function of Registrar, based on the delegation's disposal issued by the Mayor;
  5. pursues the fulfillment of contractual obligations assumed through the initiated contracts;
  6. ensures and is responsible for the issuing of technical- economical documentations for personal public investment works, for investment and repairs works for Educational Institutions and grounds the local budget necessary to these; 
  7. ensures the centralized elaboration of the list of personal endowments, for Institutions or middlemen of local subordination, as well as for Educational Institutions, based on proposals of  Reghin Municipality Town Hall's Services and on their registration into the yearly budget of Reghin Municipality; 
  8. makes proposals regarding the granting of prizes and other incentives for Public Servants from his suborder, signs essays, reports and information notes regarding theirs activity;
  9. ascertains the infringement of the law, into practicing of his attributions;
  10. pursues and is responsible for Public Guards' activity which Reghin Municipality Town Hall establishes contractual relationships with;
  11. takes the measures stipulated by law regarding the unfolding of public meetings organized by citizens in Reghin Municipality;
  12. belongs to Municipal Commission for establishing the private property right over the lands;
  13. grants audiences to the citizens regarding problems of who's solving is in the competence of Departments and Services from his suborder, according to the established program;
  14. ensures and is involved into the elaboration of environment strategy and applies the Environment Charter;
  15. initiates, ensures and pursues the co- operation with different international bodies and organizations in order to realize the projects connected to environment protection and the projects of European Accession elaborated by the Specialty Compartment;
  16. ensures, through the Specialty Compartment, the necessary measures for the function of entertainment places, with a view to spending the spare time of the citizens, the unfolding of scientific, cultural, artistic activities organized with the occasion of celebrating of some events and manifestations with national or local character;
  17. pursues and checks the application of Regulations of Organization and Function of Markets from Reghin Municipality, makes proposals of modification and completion, if needed be, of these based on the reports presented by Markets Administration;
  18. pursues the cashing of taxes and rents from Reghin Municipality's markets, stipulated by law or established through Local Council's decisions and makes proposals based on data stipulated by Markets Administration, concerning the usage of these with a view to unfold a civilized trade;
  19. ensures the identification and application of measures for prevention and control of dangers brought about by animals;
  20. ensures and takes measures concerning the activity of prevention and restriction of fires consequences at the level of Reghin Municipality, co- operating in this way with qualified entities;
  21. in the position of executive authority, the Vice Mayor responds for his activity before the Local Council and Mayor, according to law;
  22. the Vice Mayor co- operates with middlemen and Public Institutions which are under authority of Reghin Municipality's Local Council.