Local Council has the initiative and decides, according to law, in all the problems of local interest, excepting those which are attributed by law into the competence of other public authorities, local or central.

Local Council has the following main attributions:

a. chooses within the counselors the Vicemayor, establishes, within the limits of legal standards, the number of personnel from it's own Appliance;

b. approves the status of villages or town and the organization and function regulations of the Council;

c. advises or approves, after case, studies, forecasts and economic- social development programs, programs of organization and arrangement of the territory, documentations of arrangement of the territory and    urbanism;

d. approves, at Mayor's proposal, according to law, the administrative chart, the number of personnel, the state of functions and the organization and function regulations of it's own Specialty Appliance, of institutions and public services, as well as of autonomous administrations of local interest;

e. approves the local budget, the loans, turning of credits and the usage of budgetary reserve, approves the closing account of budgetary exercise, establishes the local taxes and fees, as well as special fees, according to law;

f. manages the private and public domain of the village or of the town;

g. decides the giving into administration, the leasing or renting the public property's goods of the village or town, after case, as well as of Public Services of local interest, according to law;

h. decides the selling, leasing or renting of the goods from private property of the village or town, after case, according to law;

i. sets up Public Institutions, join- stock companies and Public Services of local interest; pursues checks and analyzes their activity; institutes, respecting the general criterion established by law, norms of organization and function for Public Institutions and Public Services of local interest; appoints and releases from function according to law, the chiefs of Public Services of local interest, as well as the chiefs of Public Institutions from his suborder; applies disciplinary sanctions, according to law, to the persons who has appointed;

j. decides the setting up and the reorganization of Autonomous Administration of local interest, exerts, on the name of territorial- administrative units, all the rights of shareholders at the join stock companies which it has set up; decides over the privatization of these joint- stock companies; appoints and releases from functions, according to law, the members of management councils of the Autonomous Administrations under its authority;

k. analyzes and approves, according to law, the documentations of territorial arrangement and urbanism documentations of localities, establishing material and financial means necessary in order to realize these; approves the allocation of funds from local budget for defense actions against floods, fires, disasters and dangerous weather phenomenons;

l. establishes the necessary measures for constituting, maintenance and modernization of roads, bridges, as well as of the whole infrastructure belonging to the ways of communication of local interest;

m. approves, within the limits of its competences, the technical- economic documentations for investments works of local interest and ensures the necessary conditions in order to realize them;

n. ensures, according to its competences, the material and financial conditions necessary for the well function of Public Institution and Services of education, health, culture, youth and sport, defense of public order, defense against fires and civil protection, under its authority, pursues and controls their activity;

o. ensures, within the localities with insufficient doctors or sanitary personnel, granting of incentives in kind or money, as well as other facilities, according to law, with the view to ensure medical services for population, such facilities may be granted also to didactic personnel;

p. contributes at the organization of scientific, cultural, artistic, sports and entertainment activities;

q. decides regarding the assurance of public order, analyzes the activity of Public Guards, of Police, of Constabulary, of Firemen and of Civil Protection Systems according to law, and proposes measures for improve their activity;

r. acts for protection and rehabilitation of environment, with the view to improve the quality of life, contributes at protection, preservation, rehabilitation and making obvious the historical monuments and the architecture, the parks and natural reservations, according to law;

s. contributes at the realization of protection measures and social assistance, ensures the protection of kids rights, according to legislation in operation, approves the criterion for distribution of social houses, sets up and ensures the function of some charity institutions of local interest;

t. sets up and organizes fairs, markets, entertainment places and parks, sports grounds and ensures the well function of these;

v. grants to Romanian or foreign natural persons, with special merits, the title “Citizen of Honor” of the village or of the town;

w. decides, according to law, the co- operation or association with Romanian or foreign corporate bodies, with nongovernmental organizations and other social partners, with the view to finance and realization together some actions, works, services or projects of local public interest; decides the twinning of the village or of the town with similarly territorial administrative units from other countries;

x. decides, according to law, the co- operation or association with other authorities of local public administration within the country or abroad, as well as the adhesion at national or international association of local public administration authorities, with the view to promote some common interests;

y. supports, according to law, the activity of religious cults;

z. ensures the freedom of trade and encourages the initiative, according to law;