Reghin Municipality is situated along Mures River, at its confluence with Gurghiu River, at 46°46'33'' northern altitude and 22°42'30'' eastern longitude. The altitude which the town is situated at is 395 m, the lowest geographical point is Mures River- 350 m and the highest is Padurea Rotunda- 455 m.


Reghin Municipality has a surface of 7.282 ha, from which: 785 ha courtyards and buildings; 62,5 ha roads; 41,61 ha parks and green areas; 1.334 ha within the built-up area; 4.345 ha agricultural surfaces; and 624 ha forest fund.


Reghin Municipality is crossed by railway 405 Targu- Mures- Deda, as well as by roads E15  Targu-Mures - Toplita, E15/A Reghin - Bistrita, DN 16 Reghin – Cluj-Napoca and by the modernized county roads Reghin- Lapusna and Reghin- Sovata.


Reghin Municipality is located at the intersection of two axis of old and intense traffic, one on Mures Valley (Tg. Mures- Reghin- Deda- Toplita) and another one on Gurghiului Valley towards Transylvania Plain (Lapusna- Gurghiu- Reghin- Craiesti).


Reghin Municipality is situated at the following distances from:
Tg. Mures 32 km;
Cluj- Napoca 102 km;
Bistrita 63 km;
Toplita 70 km;
Sovata 40 km;
Lapusna 42 km;
Batos 14 km.


Reghin belongs to Mures County, being the second town, as size, after Targu- Mures.