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Primaria Reghin
Primaria Reghin
Primaria Reghin
About Town
Description of the Town

First documentary attestation in 1228, under the name of REGUN;
Locality rise at position of municipality in 1994;
The locality is situated into the intersection area of 46 46'33'' parallel northern latitude with     24 42'30'' meridian eastern longitude, at the confluence of rivers Mures and Gurghiu;
The average altitude is 395 meters with specific relief of Reghin's depression;
At Reghin the flow of Mures river is 28- 37 cm/sec, having the level between 1 and 3 meters;
The locality is traversed by the national roads DN 15 (Tg. Mures- Reghin- Toplita), DN 16 (Reghin- Cluj) and DN 16A (Reghin- Bistrita) and county roads towards Gurghiu- Jabenita- Lapusna, Ideciu de Jos, Dedrad- Batos;
The railway circulation is ensured by the railway Razboieni- Deda;
The population, according to the last census, counts 36,173 inhabitants.


Geographical marks:

total area of the Municipality is 5.609 ha- according to cadastral evidence:
arable area: 2.208 ha;
area of pasture land: 462 ha;
area of hay fields: 397 ha;
area of vineyards:59 ha;
area of orchards: 905 ha;
area of forests: 624 ha;
area of waters: 139 ha;
roads area: 193 ha.


Economic marks:

big joint- stock companies with private or state capital: 11;
small and medium join- stock companies: 1.272;
join- stock companies with activities in construction: 8;
join- stock companies with activities in agriculture:   
vegetable cultures: 8;
breeding: 10;
family association: 275;
authorized natural persons: 320;

53 Non Governmental Organizations:

agriculture: 3;
nature protection- environment: 12;
social: 15;
Romanies: 3;
cultural: 4;
sport, youth, health, confessional: 16


Local opportunities:

landscape reservation at DN15 on Reghin- Toplita route;
touristic, cultural, historic, ethnographic potential, potential of mountain wanderings, agrotourism, hunting, fishing, watering (at 6 km away from locality the watering places Ideciu and Jabenita- salt watering)