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Geographical position and general data:


-the town Nagykorös is situated:
-in center of Hungarian Plain;
-at 80 km away from capital of the country, Budapest;
-between the rivers Danube and Tisa

-from administrative point of view belongs to County Pest.
-the name of the town derives from the ash tree, the most beautiful specimens of ash trees are found into the park situated in front of the Museum.
-is situated at an altitude of 115 m above the see level.
-the closest river is Tisa which is found about 30 km far away.
-even if centuries ago the lakes and slushes were dominated the territory, nowadays them were drained and the only river which has remained is Körös.




Starting from XVIII century and until now, the population of the town have been had a dynamic increase, being at the moment at 25.000.




The specific aspect of the town is given by the most significant buildings: The Protestant Church, Nagykorös Town Hall, The Protestant Gymnasium “Arany Janos”, Romano- Catholic Church, Law Court, Archive, Cultural Center “Arany Janos”.


The emblem of the town:


-the shape of the emblem is an oval shield made from an ash tree in its natural colors on a red background;
-above the shield is placed a crown with 5 bastions;
-in 1696, when the first seal of the locality was realized, the crown wasn't represented, this appeared only in XVII century;
-green is the natural color of the tree;
-red is the usual color of other emblems;
-the crown represents the devotion for the leader.  


Climate of the town:

-average temperature: 10,5 C
-winter temperature: -2 C
-summer temperature: 20 C
-rainfall: on summer: 50- 55mm/ square meters, on winter: 25- 30 mm/ square meters.





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